What Our Owners Say

As regular visitors to the Big Island, we always dreamed of building a home and a life in Hawai‘i. We looked for years and never could quite find what we were looking for. Then we discovered Hokuli‘a and knew this is where we would build our home. Hokuli‘a has that rare combination of natural beauty, a perfect topography offering fabulous ocean views from every lot; and a sense of community, which was not available at any of the other properties we looked at. And yes, it does happen to have the best golf course in all of Hawai‘i. This was a place we wanted to live and build great family memories.

– Mark G.

We had been to Hawai‘i many times and had found that Kona on the Big Island was our favorite spot. We’d heard about Hokuli‘a from friends. We found it to be very, very special. The climate is gentle with light breezes, not the blustery winds that other locations can experience. It’s neither too wet nor too dry. Our indoor / outdoor clubhouse, The Pavilion, takes advantage of this unique climate and is enchanting, both day and night.

The topography is outstanding. The changes in elevation ensure stunning views for virtually every lot. The large lot sizes further expand view possibilities and the setbacks create an even more spacious feeling.

-Sharon M.

Why did we purchase at Hokuli‘a? It’s Hawai‘i, and this spot on the Big Island has the best weather on earth. The Hawaiian Royalty could live anywhere — and they chose here, so it’s got to be a very special place. There is a feeling here. It’s a community, where we have friends and feel like locals rather than visitors.

For us, membership in the Club is one of the most important things. It means some of the best golf in Hawai‘i. The wind does not blow at Hokuli‘a. If you’ve played on the Big Island, you’ll know what I mean!

-Stan F.