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Like the Polynesians who first settled here, today’s residents are searching for something they have been unable to find anywhere else. A place far from the myriad of manufactured beachfront resorts. A place where residents of Hokuli‘a and locals meet in the street, the grocery store or at a cafe, not at a hotel luau. A place where aloha is heartfelt, real and genuine.

Hokuli‘a is already home to an enterprising group of people who love it for what it is today, and what it will grow to be.

And now, a new developer has come to Hokuli‘a, with a renewed vision for this special place: A vision that protects and preserves the very essence of Hokuli‘a that celebrates and shares its unique cultural heritage. Not just with owners and members, but with all: A vibrant island community intimately connected to the land and cultural history of Hawai‘i.

Thoughtfully designed homes, luxury amenities and cultural landmarks that integrate seamlessly with the stunning views and topography ensure the 1,260-acre island paradise is preserved for future generations to enjoy.


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